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About us



Our Mission

Harmat Publishing House specializes in producing and distributing books and magazines, as well as in organizing training and events related to our publications.


Our mission is to promote healthy relationships in four areas: our relationship with God, with ourselves, with each other, and with the created world.


  • we help everyone to know God and the Bible, to develop a biblical worldview, and to build the corresponding lifestyle.
  • we support personal development, self-knowledge and physical and spiritual well-being for all ages and situations.
  • we promote the formation of human relationships in accordance with biblical core values, with special emphasis on family life, marriage, and parenting, but also in the workplace, local churches, and other social communities.
  • we contribute towards protecting the environment, the preservation of creation, and the promotion of responsible consumerism and social responsibility.

We strive to live our mission in our work and in our private lives, and we cooperate with national and international organizations that share similar goals and values.


Our Profile

To date, we have published more than 700 volumes in 3 million copies. Many would know us as the publishers of the “5 Love Languages” and indeed, Gary Chapman, the world-famous relationship expert, is our most important, bestselling author, who – as an expression of his commitment to his Hungarian readers – accepted our invitation and gave a highly successful seven-day lecture tour in Hungary in 2017. A year later, another one of our popular authors, Philip Yancey, also visited our country.

Our publishing house handles the works of C. S. Lewis, author of the Chronicles of Narnia, as well as of Francine Rivers, one of the best-known Christian novelists. Also of considerable popularity are the Boundaries books by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, and the humorous prose of Adrian Plass. We publish the exegetical works of John Stott and of several books by Timothy Keller, often referred to as the “C. S. Lewis of the 21st century”. We have also co-published Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Hungarian.

Our Study Bible – which we consider to be one of our most important volumes – has helped many contemporary readers to understand the Bible and millennia-old message.

In choosing our authors, we are increasingly striving to create a platform for Hungarian voices to introduce themselves to the readers. In recent years, we have published books by Kálmán Cseri, János Lackfi, Gábor Mihalec, Gergő Süveges, Emőke Tapolyai, Szilvia Révész, Miklós Véssey, Sándor Cs. Szabó, among others.

Our biographies and interviews serve to portray a variety of exciting life paths.

Several of our Hungarian authors made their debut on the pages of Family, our quarterly periodical focusing on family and relationships. For 15 years, Family has provided its large readership with much-needed advice and informative reading. Lydia, a magazine for Christian women – published under Harmat from 2020 – helps and encourages women of all denominations and ages in their everyday struggles.

We have a strong focus on books for young adults and children, including various illustrated children’s Bibles.

In recent years, in addition to publishing books and magazines, we have organized professional panel discussions on social issues covered in our publications, such as bullying, suicide prevention and toxic workplace environments. Since 2008, as part of our commitment to society, we have been actively involved in the Marriage Week movement, coordinating the programs and media coverage of Marriage Week, a nationwide series of events.



Contact data:

Harmat Kiadó (Harmat Publishing)
Seat: Karolina út 62., 1113 Budapest, Hungary