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About us



Harmat Publishing Foundation was established in response to the needs of Christian college students immediately after the collapse of the Communist Regime in 1990. We publish books and magazines for Hungarian-speaking people, but we feel that we are international, not only because of our foreign authors, but also because we would never have existed had we not received a lot of technical and financial support from abroad – both at the beginning, and also during some major milestones in our development, which now mean that we are financially self-supported. We therefore consider it important to introduce ourselves here in English, too.

Our founders’ purpose was to provide, in the early days of the post-communist era, high quality literature for those who were interested in Christian literature, to help with questions regarding faith and conduct of life, and to preserve the personality and quality of faith. Through our publications, we seek to catalyse conversations in the fields of natural and social sciences among individuals from numerous denominations who have different perspectives about the world.

Harmat has come a long way since the beginning. We have published over 500 titles in over three million copies, representing a wide scale of genres. Presently, Harmat is primarily known as a publishing expert on human relationships, and aims to help readers excel in their relationships of every kind, although we focus especially on the topics of marriage, parenting, and self-knowledge. This is reflected in our slogan, too: “For healthy relationships.”

Our books range from children’s titles to textbooks for university students by Hungarian and foreign authors alike. Harmat also aims to provide practical knowledge to leaders at every level of society. We are pleased to be the Hungarian publisher of authors such as Gary Chapman, the founder of the worldwide bestseller The Five Love Languages, and also Kevin Leman, or the authors of the famous Boundaries series, Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Additionally, we publish C. S. Lewis, the author of The Narnia Chronicles, Philip Yancey, who wrote notes for our bestselling Study Bible, and also the books of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Stott, Timothy Keller, Francis Schaeffer, Lee Strobel, Adrian Plass and, of course, the many excellent novels of Francine Rivers. Our Hungarian authors include Kálmán Cseri, Gábor Mihalec, and Emőke Tapolyai. We also have a strong Children’s profile and publish a number of illustrated Children’s Bibles, many of which have been illustrated by prize-winning illustrator Krisztina Kállai Nagy.

We are the publisher of the quarterly magazine Family, and since 2020 the magazine Lydia. Social engagement is quite an important component of Harmat Publishing, thus we not only publish books and magazines about topical issues (suicide, school bullying, etc.), but we also coordinate numerous related projects. The most important engagement of Harmat in this respect has been providing the infrastructure and funds for the ‘Marriage Week’ event series since 2008.

Harmat is a non-profit organisation because we think that this is key to maintaining quality and staying focused on our message. Harmat seeks to give refreshing messages to its readers every day, as the name of the publishing house suggests (Harmat = dew). In addition, we think of ourselves as a mission-based organisation that engages in business in order to be able to remain independent, although this is sometimes a very difficult path to pursue. Thus, whenever it is possible we collaborate with other Hungarian publishers to strengthen each other, and we are also open to other forms of cooperation. As we are a charity, we are happy to receive donations that will help our publishing ministry to promote healthy relationships. This is our calling.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

Dr. Kornel Herjeczki


Contact data:

Harmat Kiadó (Harmat Publishing)
Seat: Karolina út 62., 1113 Budapest, Hungary