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About us



Harmat Publishing House was established by the proposal of university and college students in 1990. The founders’ greatest purpose was to provide high quality literature for those who are interested in Christian literature, and to help in questions regarding faith and life leading, but to reserve the personality and quality of faith. Through their publications, they were trying to start conversations in the fields of natural and social sciences among people from several denominations and people with several world-views.

Harmat Publishing House has come a long way from the beginnings; its profile has broadened with several genres, topics and projects, while trying to get this diversity under a cohesive force. Thanks to this endeavor came the next thought, which has developed to be the slogan of Harmat: “In the service of healthy relationships”. This notion was to be achieved on three dimensions of relationships: with its publications, it concentrates on nurturing people’s relationships with God, people and themselves.

konyvek_harmatHarmat has published over 500 titles, representing the wide scale of genres, in over 3 million copies. One of its most important publications is the Study Bible, which has been published in 2014, to help readers get closer to this thousands years old text. Beyond books helping understanding the Bible, books about relationships and raising children has developed a greater position in the life of the publishing house. Moreover, professional books, books presenting lifeways and interview volumes have been published as well. The profile of Harmat now contains youth and adult novels, and books for children, too. Among children’s books, children Bibles have great emphasis, many of which have been illustrated by price winning Kállai Nagy Krisztina.

When picking out authors, the goal of the publishing house is to give a chance for the Hungarian authors too beside the foreign authors. Thanks to this, we have published several books by Pastor Cseri Kálmán, and some interview volumes came to be with Visky András, Hegedűs Endre and the Bolyki Brothers. Our most important authors are: the creator of the “5 love languages” concept, Gary Chapman; John Stott who is famous for his Bible studies; Philip Yancey who discusses the actual and important questions of our age; and the theologian, Timothy Keller. The publishing house publishes the entire sequence of C.S. Lewis’s oeuvre – the author of Narnia Chronicles – , as well as publishing the books of the most important writer in the Christian novel genre, Francine Rivers.

Harmat publishes a magazine as well beside books. Family magazine is now 10 years old, and it gives useful advices and instructive readings for its large readership every three months.

hazassag hete tarsadalmi szerepvalalasSocial engagement is quite an important mission of Harmat Publishing House, and it keeps getting more and more important. Thanks to that, we do not only publish books about actual questions (suicide, school bullying, etc.) but we are an active arranger of several projects. The most important engagement of Harmat is the ‘Marriage Week’ event-series, which has been arranged in Hungary since 2008.

Harmat is a nonprofit organization, because we think that it is the key for keeping the quality and the message in the center. Harmat wants to give refreshing messages for its readers everyday as the name of the publishing house suggests (‘Harmat’ = dew).

We do not accept manuscripts for now; we do not take responsibility for those which are sent for us.